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Celebrities Behaving Badly: Chris Brown Says “I Ain’t A Monster” (VIDEO)

May 29, 2009


Chris Brown.

Sometimes,  silence is golden.  You HAD the right to remain silent…

Career suicide is to act as if nothing is going on around you, Chris.  Don’t you know?  Gees, you’re not looking respectable or responsible.  Those are important to anyone with a PR image to maintain.

Everyone makes mistakes, but behaving with arrogance proves you deserve no forgiveness.

So,  what’s he got to say?  Find out below.

Two short, odd, Soulja Boy style videos have popped up on YouTube starring Chris Brown and ??????

I’m not hatin’, as Chris Brown says in the 2nd video, I am just tired of tired singers sounding uneducated and stupid, speakin’ broken english just to sound cool, aight?  Betcha he speaks clearly in court in front of the lawyers  & judge-izzle.

First, is seventeen seconds of “Liars liars liars”

Second, Chris Brown’s ???friend and “yes” man??? seconds the “I aint no monster” motion.




(Contains language)

Thank You, Robert Townsend!!!!!

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