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Couple Marries Thanks To Stranger Who Is A Minister

May 30, 2009

Take a tip from this couple…

Make sure you know that the minister is actually going to show up to marry you.

What was this young couple to do?

They were all set for their wedding.  It was a beautiful day, the bride was pretty and the groom was handsome.  They were ready to become husband and wife…except they had no one to say, “You may kiss the bride…”

Actually, they had no one to marry them at all until…

….the bride wore an elegant white spaghetti strap dress gathered on one side with a brooch and a short train flowing behind.

The groom had on a traditional black tuxedo with a tangerine colored tie to match the bridesmaid’s dresses.

And the pastor conducting the service sported sneakers, denim shorts and a black T-shirt with “Jamaica” emblazoned on it.

An odd arrangement for sure. But the couple welcomed him to the wedding party.

Michael and Crystal Shimek, of Newport News, were officially married in January, but had over the course of about six months planned out every detail for a proper wedding ceremony on Saturday. There were no major hiccups until bride and groom arrived at the park to take their vows.

There was no minister.

…Fortunately, Pastor Anthony “Tony” Clemons and his Resurrection House International Ministries congregation were holding their annual Memorial Day picnic at a park shelter adjacent to the garden.

Amidst the chaos of the moment, Crystal recalled hearing that a church group had reserved the nearby shelter. So, mother of the bride Elaine Smith marched over to the group of strangers and asked if they had a minister the wedding party could borrow.

Read The Entire Story Here!

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