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Seriously On WTHeck???:Britney Spears Films Fake Gay Cologne Commercial

May 30, 2009


I dunno whats going on with this girl.

Publicity stunt???  No doubt.

For what?  You either love her or hate her.

How’s this gonna make anyone change their minds?

Brit-Brit Is At It...Again!

Brit-Brit Is At It...Again!

Britney Spears has reached out to her gay fans by filming a fake advert for a perfume aimed at homosexuals.

The Toxic hitmaker has her own line of highly successful fragrances, and decided to poke fun at her career as a perfumer by recording a short film for the organisers of the Logo TV network’s New Now Next awards, which embrace gay culture.

She has this natural rapport with the gay communityLogo executive producer Christopher WilleyThe singer is seen promoting a faux new fragrance called ‘Mo – a term of endearment in the gay community.

The video features footage from her previous perfume ads before the star addresses the camera to read the tag line, “One spray and the gays will run your way!”

Logo executive producer Christopher Willey explains Spears’ decision to take part in the ad. He tells, “She’s having fun with her gay audience, because she’s an official gay icon at such a young and tender age. She has this natural rapport with the gay community. I think she just really likes her gay fans and she sees this as a way to talk directly to them, which she hasn’t really done before”.


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