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Halle Berry Kissed A Foxx…And She Liked It!

June 1, 2009
banookHalle Hot Foxx Kiss

Halle Hot Foxx Kiss

Practicing for a new film or was Jamie Foxx wearing male pheromones that brought her to unleash the cougar on the foxx.


I say “Meeee-wow!” to the hottest live kiss on TV in a long time.

Dare I say, I see Ms. Berry grabbing onto Jamie’s “Foxx” Trot.

Oh my…I can’t go there with ya, girl.  You seem to be “handling” that just fine on your own.

There may have been flames in the background, but the real heat was between the supple lips of Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx, with his sexy bouche.

I’ll take round two for you, Halle….!

Well, you know…I’m just saying…

Love Seriously 🙂

Halle Does Foxx

Halle Does Foxx

Halle Berry made all Jamie Foxx’s dreams come true this weekend, when she performed an X-rated make-out session with the actor live on stage at the Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards.


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