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Is Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister, Noie [Noah] Cyrus, Growing Up Too Fast?

June 4, 2009

[There seems to be a blogging discrepancy on Noah Lindsey Cyrus’ name.  Some use Noie, as I did.]


I get it that they are wearing swimsuits, but how would one not know that there was a little bit of Cyrus-pic-o’-trouble a wee bit ago where we saw Miley posing in her undies and bikini…?

Anyone remember this?  I do.

And, in Miley Cyrus’ defense, she’s at least a teenager, but with li’l sis, Noie Cyrus, she is still a tween.  So why is she prancing around on video, with a friend in a swimsuit.

Hellllooooo?  Pervert alert?

Too Young For Bare Legs

Too Young For Bare Legs

Not only that…

There are tons of other bloggers and commentators alike that are not cool with 9-yr-olds drinking Red Bull.  Is this a health conscious choice for someone who will obviously be influencing the next wave of young ‘tweens as her sister did? I don’t think so.

What happened to milk or juice?

Noie Cyrus Drinks Red Bull?

Noie Cyrus Drinks Red Bull?

Here we go again.  The race is on as we allow girls to become divas way too early.  It’s so not cool.  It’s so not the right thing to do and then we wonder when the girl grows into the young lady with “issues”, “What happened to her?  She was such a cute girl?”

It’s called growing up too fast, ya dork!

I am going to put the video of Noie and her freind here.  I am reluctant to do so, yet, I am just the messenger.

Personally, I believe this video should not even be on Youtube with swimsuitted ‘tweens.  It’s too much.


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  1. June 4, 2009 8:11 pm

    A girl named Noah?

    But yeah, there is something wrong to the core about a little kid drinking an energy drink, even for the taste.

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