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Twerk Team: Someone Give These Ladies College Money!

June 4, 2009


Dear Gorgeous Ladies Of Twerk Team:

I would love to see you dance.  Literally.  Maybe try some African dance or learn to teach African dance.

It is obvious that you are talented and I just hate to see you throw yourselves on poles and stages for dirty old men to gawk at.

Yeah, you can pop, lock and drop it, but why not study, learn it and earn it for a living.

In other words…girls, get your butts to college and off the internet.  Put them booties in a chair.  Learn something about yourself, the history of dance and culture and most imortant, learn why you should really “Twerk” for an honest living.

Time creeps up on a young lady, so does gravity, so save your gorgeous bodies and minds for a more reputable profession.

Luv you gals,

Seriously McMillan

Yeah…here’s the video!

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