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School In OH: Graduation Day Canceled Because 60 Seniors Cheated!

June 6, 2009


Who didn’t cheat in high school?

In one of my classes in my Jr. year in high school, which was in OH, the students were so scandalous and the teacher was so blind that they would pass their tests around, giving out answers, during the test!!

I wasn’t in Columbus, OH, but apparently someone was caught cheating and it ticked the school officials off sooooo badly that they canceled graduation day.  Oh well…

Test Cheat

Test Cheat

COLUMBUS, Ohio – An Ohio school district says it uncovered a cheating scheme so pervasive that it had to cancel graduation ceremonies for its 60 seniors — but will still mail their diplomas.

A senior at Centerburg High School accessed teachers’ computers, found tests, printed them and distributed them to classmates, administrators said.

Graduation was canceled because so many seniors either cheated or knew about the cheating but failed to report it, said officials of the Centerburg School District.

Parents holding own ceremony
Some parents angry about the cancellation are organizing an unofficial graduation ceremony.Jeanette Lamb, whose son is a senior at the school, asked the Centerburg School Board to reconsider its decision to cancel graduation. The board declined.

“At that point I did tell them that commencement would continue, it will be at the park, I will put it together and their presence wasn’t welcome,” Lamb told WTVN radio in Columbus. Lamb said parents and members of the community have offered help.

Read the rest here!

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