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Sherri Shepherd: Personal Trainer Views Her Tweet About Diet Cheat

June 8, 2009

banook[Update: Sorry, Sherri Stringer.  We meant to say Sherri Shepherd…]


Now, I know you trying to lose the weight for your big bikini reveal, like the one Kirstie Alley had on Oprah a while back…but there is only one way to lose weight.

It’s simple…

I have coined the acronym CICO (pronounced see-ko)…

Calories-In Calories-Out

How ever you choose to lose, you must burn or use more calories that you take in.

Sherri, you can’t reinvent the wheel and you can’t lose weight eating fried catfish and calamari if you are on a diet to lose the old butt n’ gut..

Think of your health.  It’s simply not healthy.  I know you want to be there for your son.

Not to mention, if you are cheating on your diet, don’t Twitter tweet about it for all your friends and personal trainer to see. OMG!

Sherri Shepherd, who’s trying to slim down enough to pose in a bathing suit on The View on Aug. 6, learned an important lesson this past weekend: Don’t tweet about your junk food indulgences.

“This weekend, I was out in L.A., and I’m tweeting about [how] I had fried calamari and I had some buffalo wings and I just went totally off my diet. And it was great!” The View cohost said on the talk show Monday. “I did not know that my nutritional coach and my trainer follow me.”


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