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10 Twitter “Tweets” That I Didn’t Feel Like Twittering

June 11, 2009

If  you use twitter, as tons of people and celebrities now do, I find it rather annoying to send a Twitter “Tweet” and no one responds. Not just that, I also find it annoying to miss a hot topic and post a “tweet” about it when the subject is long dead and gone.

It doesn’t matter how many people follow you if no one is really commenting back when you make a “tweet” or your “tweet” is sooo old news.

So, I decided to make a blog post about some of the Twitter “tweets” that I either didn’t make or just didn’t feel like logging into Twitter to make.

  1. Jon & Kate + 8= Crazy Bro & Sis-In-Law Speaking Out Sux.

  2. Leaked Nude Photos Of Rihanna Sux

  3. Eddie Murphy had a nice tush in Beverly Hills Cop II

  4. Too bad about Terminator Salvation. There should’ve been a colon: cuz I heard it was butt.

  5. Why do Lifetime movies suck you in?

  6. Somebody “Killed Bill.”

  7. I’m sick of Jon & Kate drama.  Leave ’em alone.

  8. Boob Jobs, Crowns & Gay Marriage: Are We Being Harsh On Miss California, Carrie  PreJean

  9. I like Jack Black better than Seth Rogan

  10. People that tweet from hospitals suck.

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