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Star Sighting: Transformer Actor, John Tuturro, Caught Being Polite In NYC

June 12, 2009


“Everything is so fattening.  I am trying to watch my weight.” , claims John Tuturro, who reprises his role as Agent Simmons in the upcoming Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

John Tuturro Spalshed With Another Hot Liquid

John Tuturro Spalshed With Another Hot Liquid

I have my celebrity spies out there.  They scour the streets for scoop and news on celebrities behaving badly or behaving mannerly.

This time, one of my east coast celeb chick spies spotted actor, John Tuturro, at a local “coffee shop”.  (Yes, it’s that famous, well-known coffee shop with locations on every corner that starts with an “S”.)

“He was taking a bit of time to go over the menu trying to decide what he wanted.  You know, when you are in line with others behind you’re ready to order, one second can seem like 60 seconds.”, says my CCS (Celeb Chick Spy), “so the lady behind him asked to go ahead of him, to give him more time to decide what to order.”   She goes on to say, “Mr. Tuturro wore his trademark glasses, pulling them on and off to read the menu.  He certainly doesn’t have 20/20 vision.”

He worn casual loafers, dark denim jeans, a baby blue button down and dark blazer.  Nice and casual.  Thank goodness he didn’t wear sweats and holy t- shirt.  That would have been an eyesore.

John Tuturro was very accomadating, allowing the lady behind him to go ahead of him.  He finally decided on a solo macchiato and a vanilla almond biscotti.

He passed the public politeness test.  His “please” and “thank you” were duly noted.

He ran into a friend,  as well.  His friend (identity unknown) was talking on his cell to what seemed to be a mutual friend, when he passes the phone to John.  “Hey, how you doing…?”, John says into the cell phone.

“He said some other things, but I didn’t make it out.  I did hear him tell the person on the phone to get back with him after the 23 of this month [June], because he is busy until then.”, reports my CCS.  He then sat and read a book with his trademark “thick” glasses (they are real), ate his biscotti and left.

Of course, he is going to be totally busy doing press junkets and promotions for the Transformers 2 movie.

Here’s to you, John Tuturro, for leaving your wacky characters on the screen and being a polite human in public!  Much success on that movie career. ( LOL)

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