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Fashion Etiquette: Venus & Serena Williams Evening Perfection

June 22, 2009


Styled to utter perfection are tennis “sistas”, Venus and Serena Williams.

Let’s pick apart the emsembles, shall we…?

  • Venus ( I believe she is wearing the dress) is wearing the perfect dress.  Not too revealing, yet completely age appropriate and feminine.
  • NECK BOW.  The bow resting on the front top chest near the neck says, “Look Up”. The attention is focused on her beautiful face and makes you take her seriously.
  • TO THE KNEE: As I said in my book, She So Ghetto, the darker it is outside, the higher the hemline can go.  On this dress, it doesn’t matter, you can’t go wrong with this length.

On to Serena:

  • Serena chose the colors white and gold.
  • The cut of her tank top shows off her toned, broad shoulders which automatically allows the eye to view the rest of her as slim.
  • Actually, both ladies have broad shoulders and the sleeveless look and the cut of both their outfits around the shoulder area is quite desirable.
  • The gold capri like pant is nice with a belt around her hips as an accent.
  • All of the gold jewelry is young and playful…not so serious.

Timeless style on two beautiful champions.   They have done me proud!

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