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Folks Are Hattin’: Actress Kerry Washington Needs Cheap NY Apt

July 2, 2009

SBF Needs Apt ASAP…

Actress Kerry Washington is being picked on in a recent article in NY Post’s Page Six.


Kerry Washington—an up-and-coming actress who sure is taking a while to get up-and-over-here—is moving to New York to star in a play. And she can only pay $3,000 a month!

The indigent actress, who grew up in New York City and went to the Spence school, apparently sent an email out to friends stating some simply laughable! specifications for her new digs:

“The search is on to find a place to live. I am looking for a one-year lease or sublet. My wish list is: Manhattan, furnished, about $3,000 and starting at some point in September.”

Page Six calls this “a cheap apartment.” And… oh come off it, losers.

No they didnt use the word “indigent”.  It’s not like she was one of those Jai Ho kids in Mumbai.  As it does state, $3000 a month for rent is not cheap.

Heck, they would really ag on me because of what I pay.  Then again, I am not in NYC…or am I?

Somebody get this woman a crib!


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