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Keeping Up With The Cyrus’: Move Over Miley, Li’l Sis Noah Cyrus Is In The Spotlight

July 6, 2009

Is there ever an age where a girl is too young for the tabloids?  Why, never!

At least it seems that way with the Cyrus family and the their wittle bitty new Cyrus’ starlet…Much in the tradition on siblings that ride on coat tails (insert Jamie Lynn Spears here), it’s Noah (Noie) Cyrus, again!

Besides being a spokesmodel for the Juicy Couture line, little Noie/Noah is now voicing for an animated film, along with the 4th Jonas brother, Frankie Jonas.


Rumor is they have the two paired up in some sort of strange pre- arranged next hot couple dating scenario, much like the older sibling of the pair.

(End sarcastic tone here)

We all see it coming as much as we all hope it doesn’t happen.  The next generation of tabloid teenies is about to make their debut.

I hope that stage parents will learn a thing or two about keeping their celebrity kids’ helium filled head from floating among the clouds.

What happens when a young celebrity begins to beleive their own press?  They become reality repellent.

Noie Cyrus & Frankie Jonas

Noie Cyrus & Frankie Jonas


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