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Actress Tamala Jones: She Regrets Her Breast Implants

July 13, 2009

Gorgeous Tamala Jones has been working it on the big screen and small screen for some time.  She has one of those faces that make you say, “I’ve seen her before.”

And you certainly have.   Remember Tamala in Head Of State with Chris Rock?   She played the First Lady in the foreshadowing film.

Some might remember her as the sassy-talking wife on “For Your Love” or the woman Taye Diggs couldn’t get over in “The Wood.” Either way, Tamala Jones has always made her presence felt no matter the role. Nowadays, the 34-year-old California native sees dead people as a medical examiner on the new medical drama “Castle.” Jones sat down with to talk about her near-death experience, why she got breast implants, and her pulbic romances.

ESSENCE.COM: Let’s switch gears. There was a time that you disappeared from the scene. What were you up to?

JONES: Recovering. At 23, I almost died from a brain aneurysm. It popped from extreme stress. I was filming “The Wood” and the whole right side of my body went numb. Back then I was doing three shows and not taking care of myself. I later found out that it was hereditary on my mom’s side of the family. I tell people if you have a pain you need to go to the doctor and not ignore it. Young people think things like that only happen to old people.

ESSENCE.COM: That’s so true. Some speculated that your sudden lack of roles had to do with the breast augmentation you received. Do you agree?

Remember Tamala in Head Of State with Chris Rock

JONES: It wasn’t the breast augmentation. I was depressed after my house was burned down and I lost everything. I picked up weight and the casting people called my manager to find out what was going on with me. As Black people, when you put on a little weight we don’t make a big deal about it, but for Hollywood it’s a problem. I hate that I got the breast augmentation. I was tired of constantly being told to tape my breast to make it appear I had more cleavage, so I said let me just take care of it all at once, and I did, but I think I hurt myself by thinking I had to do that.

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