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Seriously “Weird” Series: Ghetto (Gift) Baskets- Not Ghetto, Not Funny!

July 20, 2009

I have been writing this blog since Feb 2008 and wrote a book by the same title, and even I must say that sometimes…The ghetto gets a bad rap.

Truly, it does.  Sometimes, living in the ghetto is the same as it is in the suburbs.  I am talking about there being kids and parents, community and schools.

I am not saying there are no hardships or obstacles, there are plenty.

The lack of courtesy, manners and etiquette  and self respect are some of the teachings that are missed in the ghetto.  For blacks, it wasn’t like this in the 1950’s, as I was told.

They respected themselves enough to start the Civil Rights Movement.  A cause so great it sparked unprecedented changes in laws and policies for blacks.  Benefits that I am enjoying to this day, and so are you.

Having said that, I got an email today about this posting on Buzzfeed.

Ghetto Baskets Y’all: The Perfect Gift for Shotgun Weddings

I then went to the website to check it out and here is my review.

  • The people responsible are not only “Not Funny”, but real “Ghetto humor” comes from people who know, understand and have had actual experiences in the “ghetto”.  Real ghetto humor is funny, this package is nowhere near LOL!
  • I am assuming that they don’t have photo’s of blacks on the website, because they don’t want to offend.  I see a bunch of “W**gers”, and that would be “Wh**e trash, right?  My assumption, I could be wrong, but having and Eminem look-a-like is like WTF?
  • So, is it meant to offend blacks in the ‘hood or whites?
  • What ever it’s meant to do, it’s really a dumb idea.  Besides,there are only a few things that “ghetto” folks would use in that basket.  They should have consulted someone.  Even if you’re gonna do something stupid like this, you should have the guts to do it right?
  • [From The Site-The basket should contain]:  Hot Sauce
  • Pregnancy Test
    Grape Drink
    Beef Jerky
    Potted Meat
    Pork Rinds
    Noodles in a Cup
    After Shave
    Plastic Commemorative Plate
    Religious Candle
    Porcelain Figurine
    Kung-Fu DVD
    Cassette or VHS Tape
    Doo Rag
    Vapor Rub
    Energy Drank
    Outdated Calendar

Thumbs down!

Seriously McMillan

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