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Style Etiquette: How To Lose A Job Before You Land It!

July 20, 2009


Snap it up, ladies.

As I have said in many posts here, your appearance matters.

Before you even oen your mouth, your clothing speaks volumes about you.

Or, does it?  I have  heard grom those that believe you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

To  that, I say, “Whatever….”

You appearance absolutely matters because what others look like matters to you.  It matters in how you react and respond to them.

It certainly matters when you are going out for a job.  The classic interview.

This is a post on, “How To Lose A Job Before You Land It.”

Visible bra straps, teeny tops – this woman boss has had enough! Dress for the office girls, not a hen night!

She was wearing a ‘spray-on’ dress, cut low enough to reveal yards of cleavage and high enough to barely skim her thighs, with shoes so high she had trouble walking in them.

Those clothes spoke volumes more than the carefully crafted CV and told me two essential things: this woman is not intelligent, and she does not respect me or herself.

The way we dress for work has become a minefield. We live in less formal times, where dress codes have been all but abandoned and the old ‘power dressing’ rules for women were killed off when we stopped wanting to behave or look like men at work.

As women became more confident and more powerful in the workplace, we felt free to be more feminine and more individual. Our dress codes relaxed.

But relaxed has turned into confusion and led to a workplace awash with women who look as if they’ve just dropped in on their way to a hen night.

About six weeks ago I had to pay a visit to the head office of a big High Street name, where girls swished around in micro minis and vest tops, and where an assistant who came to collect me for my appointment with a senior manager greeted me in shorts and flip-flops….

Never mix business with pleasure!

Never mix business with pleasure!

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