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Celebrities Behaving Badly…? Chris Brown Apologizes For Beating Rihanna

July 21, 2009


After viewing the video, I feel the following:

  1. Finally!
  2. I am not hating on Chris Brown, but it’s really about cleaning up his image.  I am not going to attest to the sincerity of his apology, I am simply going to acknowldge that he has made one.
  3. If cleaning up his image is the goal, then it is still a work in progress.  Chris Brown will have to convince the parents of his legions of fans, since the fans are mostly teeny-boppers that accepted his apology before he made one, if you know what I mean.  He had them at “hello”.
  4. Chris, now is the time to reach inside yourself very deeply and give back to your community.  Teach others that domestic violence is wrong.  This is a perfect platform for you to reform.
  5. I hope that Chris Brown can come back strong and pass on a great message to the world about domestic violence, because the world is watching.  You’ve got one more shot, Chris.

See The Entire Video Here!

A remorseful Chris Brown apologized today for beating up former gal pal Rihanna earlier this year, regretfully saying that his mother — herself a victim of domestic violence — “taught me way better than that.”

The once-squeaky clean R&B crooner posted a two-minute video on his own Web site, saying he wanted to apologize months ago but was urged to keep quiet by his lawyers.

“I felt it was time that you hear directly from me that I am sorry,” said Brown, wearing a causal red shirt speaking in what appeared to be an office setting.

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