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Beauty Manners: Dying To Be Thin? Love The Curves You’re In!

July 22, 2009


I don’t think anyone is 100% happy with their figure.

  • You either feel too fat or too thin.
  • You feel top heavy or flat chested.
  • You feel nothing fits.
  • You feel your hips are too wide or narrow.
  • You feel your thighs are too chunky or bony.
  • You feel your tummy is too pudgy or flabby.

So, how do you learn to accept your body?

First, acceptance of your body has to come from within.  You won’t be happy trying to lose those extra pounds for a dress you bought.  You have to accept who you are right now.

Accept who you are physically.   If you feel you want to lose some weight…for health reasons, not for vanity sake…Then, do it.  It’s not about a dress.

If you want to change something about yourself, you can do it.  Add weight or lose it, that’s fine…But, until then, love the curves you’re in.

Every body type is in vogue at one time or another.  We all wanted the “waif” look in the 90’s and now women want the Kardashian booty or the Angelina lips.

Plump, push-up and phat.

So, if you got them…the curves…then, flaunt them.  Modestly, of course.

Celebrities with curves!

  1. Beyonce & Solange
  2. Pamela Anderson
  3. Jennifer Lopez
  4. Halle Berry
  5. Venus and Serena Williams

HELP IS HERE! How to wear the best clothing for your body type.

One size and shape does not fit all.

I love this site and followed the suggestions on what I should wear for my particular body shape.

They suggest clothing I never bothered to look at before.

I followed trends and tried to pick out thing I liked, but the shapes were all wrong.

This site showed me how to pick outfits and separates to:

  • Minimize my belly.
  • Give shape to my hps.
  • The best tops  to wear with my bra size.

Visit here!

By the way… My Shape is an “A”

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