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Tip Stiffin’ Celebrities: Justin Timberlake (He Left No $)

July 22, 2009

Nothing says more about a celebrity than how much FREE money they give away for a good service.

That’s right.  Giving a tip is just giving away money extra money, right?  I mean, these people get paid, they are on payroll, right?  The person you are giving the tip to doesn’t think so.  It’s their livelihood.  It’s their rent.  It’s their gas money…. In the hospitality industry, TIPS MEAN EVERYTHING!

Intermission: This is a shameless plug for my book “You Suck When You’re Rude: A Guide To Traveling The Country With Courtesy”.

I deal with the topic of tips in many chapters, but specifically in Ch. [8] “Ate”: Eat My Manners and  The Final Word On T.I.P.S. on pg 191.

We’re Back!

It’s simply bad manners to leave a restaurant without leaving a tip.  Celebrity or not.  But, celebrities have $$$ so it’s even worse when celebrities don’t leave tips because the public, their fans and such, put that money in their pockets to begin with.

I mean, if we didn’t go to the theatre or buy downloads and such to support our favorite celebs, they would be up a creek.

So, in the case of Justin Timberlake, someone with pockets oh-so-deep, should have been able to at least cough up a $20 spot on this meal.

But, he left a blank…And, so will I.  Right in the spot where I was going to buy his new CD.

I’d rather give the money to the server he stiffed.

[Although this incident occurred some time back, one can only hope that he has learned to tip better.  That old you is dead and gone, right?]


Photo courtesy of

According the Australia’s Herald Sun,

“…the chart-topper joined several pals for a two-hour lunch at a Brisbane eatery this week, noshing on lamb masala curry and downing ginger beer.

The restaurant, following the rule that says those who earn the most must be given things free, proceeded to comp his $135 tab.

But the paper says Justin’s group breached freebie etiquette by exiting the restaurant without leaving a tip.

Timberlake apparently had plenty of eyewitnesses to the gratuity gaffe: A group of 25 journalists — almost all of them female — happened to be dining at the next table.”


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