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Celebrities Behaving Badly: “Slummin’ In The Hamptons” With Jon Gosselin

July 23, 2009

Is this guy everywhere or what?

I know, I am feeding into the decaying soul of American pop culture by writing about some guy who broke up with his wife and left her for a younger woman…except that he has E-I-G-H-T kids…

While the kids are away,  Daddy will play.

And what a cast of strange-oids he’s now pals with.

He’s starting to make Kate look like a cool mom.

Our last shred of hope that the Hamptons are full of fabulous people doing wonderful things that we just can’t afford has been dashed. It’s confirmed that these two fratboy fameballs have been palling around in Southhampton.

Guest of a Guest has the full dispatch claiming that LiLo’s pops and Minus-Kate-and-Eight are on a bottom-feeder double date with two blonde bimbos.

The two were double dating with their arm candy by strolling Jobs Lane, stopping in at T.C. Menswear, and lunching at The Driving Seat. So here’s a heads up: If you are currently in Southampton, be on the look-out. The number of fame-whores in the area have definitely gone in to overdrive.



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