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Style Etiquette: Bare Legs Over 40?

July 23, 2009


This topic came up some time back.

I wrote on it but I never published it.

There has always been a line drawn on what you can or can’t wear because of your age.

Why is this?  Why do women get a hard way to go because we get older?

Men can wrinkle up to no end and they could still find some chick to be with or to marry.

As humans, women become “sexy” or remain “sexy” within society as long as we are in our child bearing years.

My sister is 30 and freaking out.  “I don’t tell anyone at work how old I am!”, she says.  She doesn’t have anything to worry about because 30 is still considered “young”.

It’s a primal instinct.  Men can have kids forever.  Women can’t and we are judged on that.  It’s that simple.

Having said that, I speak now on the bare legs.

The bare leg issue or dressing your age issue is a result of all that I mentioned above.  It is thought that women who are “older” should not dress showing so much skin anymore.  They are older and should cover themselves in a more tasteful, less exploitative manner.

Well,  I don’t really separate the young women from the older women because I don’t see the difference.

I don’t think a 20-year-old should wear certain clothes as much as I don’t think a 50-year-old should wear certain clothes.

Can you show bare legs over 40?

Yes, if you’ve got it flaunt it.  For the record…and I will do another piece on this topic….women should wear pantyhose.  We really should, ladies.

I don’t know what this “bare leg” fad is but it’s not cute no matter what age you are.

Go panythose!


Honestly, the truth is we have over 40 supermodel, Elle MacPherson and the place where I found this photo claims that she had saggy, unsightly knees.  I thought she looked fine…except no pantyhose!  I don’t like seeing my own veiny feet, let alone, someone elses.

Tina Turner became the poster child for Hanes pantyhose!  Yeah, pantyhose….see, what’d I tell ya!

Tina’s always had the best legs and even back in her 40’s and beyond , she took that strut all the way to the bank.

Sarah Jessica Parker

My own former school mate Sarah Jessica Parker made showing your legs over 40 a “Carrie” situation!

Wish there were pantyhose, though.

View more here!

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