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Celebrity Hair: Solange Knowles Takes It Off!

July 24, 2009

To me, Solange Knowles is  the unique one.  Beyonce may be the older one, but Solange has a way of making a statement, too.


And, she is doing it this time, by wearing a low fro.

Say what you will, tabloids.  The tabloids are saying that she shaved her hair.  Yet, we know the secret, don’t we?!

Below: Solange and big sis, Beyonce.

Solange wrote on her Twitter page that she was going through a ‘i wanna cut all my Hair off & have a fade (cropped haircut) phase’.

She has in the past typically worn hair extensions or the lace-front wigs – where the wig is glued on – also worn by her sister.

Ironically in the past she has joked that the constant comparisons to her superstar sibling might tip her over the edge and send her into a Britney-style meltdown.

She said: ‘I get asked about Beyonce all the time but I try and make fun of it.

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