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Comic-Con: It’s More Fun Than You Think!

July 27, 2009

Next time, you should go.

I’m serious.  You should.

It’s not as geeky as you think or as you may be led to believe.

I am still trying to digest the events of the entire weekend, but I wish it could go on forever.

The vibe was pleasant.  I didn’t run into any rude people.  Even the security and staff were friendly…extremely friendly.

The celebrities I met were friendly, too.  Some more than others, but that happens with people anyway.  Celebrities or not.

Who did I meet?

I will name four celebrities that I met that are extremely friendly.

The pics will be on my Facebook page.

1. Cindy Morgan

She is a doll.  Smart and full of spunk!  She was best known for as “Yori” in Tron and “Lacey Underall” in Cadyshack.

Cindy Morgan: Polite and Engaging!

Cindy Morgan: Polite and Engaging!

Cindy told me a funny story.  She was asked by Geroge Plimpton a question regarding the comedy in Cadyshack.  He wanted to know how they came up with such funny stuff.  Cindy said to me what she said to him, “How do you think we did it, George?  It was the 70’s, we got high and turned the cameras on.”  Like I said, spunky!

Here are clips of Cindy in Tron…

There is a movement to write Disney execs to have her cast in Tron 2 (Tr2n).

Find out more here!

2. Terry Tate aka Lester Speight

When I saw the huge man, I had to go over to his table to see what was going on.  When I saw him…I kinda knew of him and recognized his face from somewhere.  In my head I was doing that snap and “You look so familiar” thing.  Who knew that this guy has been everywhere for many years and has some great upcoming stuff.  He joked with me and was friendly.  Thanks, Lester! View his IMDB page here.

From acting in Norbit with Eddie Murphy to playing one tough mutha in Prison Break, Lester Speight is one busy actor!


3. Jeff Breslauer

This guy is funny and a sincerely nice person.  The impressions he does are impeccable, especially Jack Nicholson.  He’s chatty, like me and we talked so long at Comic-Con that the guy in the booth next to Jeff, who was Jack O’Halloran ( Non, from Superman II) make a funny comment about it.  What I was really impressed with was  Jeff’s sincere respect for other actors.  When a member of the press came by and started to chat with us, he made a comment about another famous actor, basically calling them a jerk.  But Jeff didn’t let that ride, he quickly came to the defense of his fellow actor, explaining that this is how this particular actor was and that he was not being a jerk.  You can easily let someone say something negative about someone you know, but it takes a person true character to stand up and defend them.

Kudos to Jeff!

Here’s Jeff in action…

4. Reggie Bannister

This guy was so mellow, I felt like he was a neighbor or something.  We talked for a while, too.  He was very upbeat and willing to talk about Phantasm (the movie that I know him from) and all of his upcoming projects.  Kudos to Reggie, who even said that he still keeps in contact with his Phantasm co-star, The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm, what a name).

Here’s Reggie in action…

Til next time.


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