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Madonna: Check Out The Arms…She’s Got Guns!

July 29, 2009

They may look a bit veiny, but Madonna makes no bones about it.  She wants to keep her body in shape until the end of time.

Yes, we’ all love to have the Michelle Obama arms, too.

So, are toned arm the next body craze?

Well, there is nothing wrong with that.  I can relate to the thick arms and flab in the back of the arm…yuck.

“Madonna’s arms look a little too lean”…

…explains Martin MacDonald, body composition specialist at Loughborough University, he goes on to say:

Madonna’s muscles are not particularly oversized compared with, say, an Olympic athlete, but what is unusual is how toned and well-defined they are. I work a lot with body builders and they actually look very similar to this – like very, very lean athletes.

When people talk about toning muscles, what they mean is reducing the body’s fat level – which is what Madonna has done.

If she wanted to perform athletically, there would be a problem, as she has slight malnourishment issues. But body builders just have to have muscles that show, and a body builder is exactly what Madonna is.

Madonna’s Arms: Through The Years

Watch as Madonna goes from youthful baby fat to slender and sexy to Ms. Universe!

Madonna in 1984

Madonna in 1984


Maddonas Arm Perfection in 2005

Maddona's Arm Perfection in 2005

Right here, Madonna’s arms are the perfect size and shape.  Not too much and not too little.  Her arms look feminine and shapely.  Her physique looks well maintained.
Madonna Takes A Vein Turn

Madonna Takes A Vein Turn

Here, Madonna’s are are starting to get a mind of their own.  They are turning very veiny and the sight of them is unsightly.  She may even be on the thin side, too.  Having some body fat is not bad.

Regarding her body shape, she’s probably done quite heavy weights in the past, and after you build up the muscle it’s hard to lose it. Your body wants to keep the muscle, as it ‘knows’ it has been used before.

Even if she’s using lower weights now, she’s still using her muscles enough to warrant her body keeping them. Her new regime of one hour of cardio work will reduce her body fat level, which is why she’s so defined and you can see her muscles and veins…

Her veins are the same as her muscles. They are not really oversized, but they look much bigger because she’s so skinny. Whether veins are prominent can often be genetic, but Madonna obviously uses her arms a lot, as they look especially lean.

She has a well-developed cardio-vascular system, which includes not only her heart and lungs but her veins and arteries, too.

Surprisingly, her chest doesn’t look gaunt. Sometimes, on people with low body fat, you can see the bones. If she’s eating a low-sugar, low-carb, no-oil macrobiotic diet, she is keeping her general body fat level very low.

In reality, not many people could look like this even if they wanted to, as most people can’t afford to spend two hours a day exercising or to employ a personal trainer. Depending how you view it, she’s either committed or obsessed.

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