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Michael Jackson: The Movie Is Coming!

August 11, 2009

As unaviodable as doomsday is the insatiable lust for more Michael Jackson.

Whether it be shirts, music, footage…Michael Jackson is sure to NEVER be OUT of demand!

Heading to a theatre near you is ‘This Is It’, the working title for what will be Michaels last screen appearance.  This will certainly be it!

This is it : Michael Jackson

This is it : Michael Jackson

BEIJING, Aug. 11 (Xinhuanet) — Audiences will get to enjoy his perform one more time later this year as a judge approved a deal to produce a movie fashioned from footage of Michael Jackson’s final rehearsals on Monday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, overseeing the singer’s will, said he had approved several business deals, including a 60 million dollar agreement with Columbia Pictures to make a movie from video of the King of Pop’s final rehearsals for a series of concerts that had been set to take place in London this past July.

Columbia Pictures announced the movie, which is dubbed “This Is It” by Jackson, will have performances and behind-the-scenes video of Jackson preparing for the concerts.

The movie is due to be in theaters on Oct. 30, with all the people dressing up as Michael Jackson and standing in movie theater lines a whole week before Halloween. Some of it will be shown in movie theaters in 3-D.

It is reported that Columbia Pictures paid 60 million dollar for rights to the film, and the contract states Jackson’s estate is slated to receive 90 percent of its profits.



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