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Celebrities Divorcing Badly: Jon Locks Kate Out Of The House

August 15, 2009

Police were called to the million $$$ home of the most famous dueling divorcing parents with eight kids.

Jon and Kate Gosselin got into a public squabble over who was with the children during Jon’s parenting time.  Kate apparently didn’t approve of who was around the children.

I guess this matter wasn’t resolved.  The  outcome was that Kate was locked out and ran to a nearby motor lodge.  She was distraught and tried to maintain her composure while hiding tears behind sunglasses.

Police were called to Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s $1.1 million home in Wernersville, Pa., Thursday after the reality stars got into a heated fight.

Kate arrived at the home (it was reportedly ex Jon’s time to be with the kids) because she did not approve of the baby-sitter. Photographers on site claimed Kate was “locked out” of her house.

No arrests were made, but she spent some time arguing with Jon at the fence of their home.

Later, she fled in tears to a nearby Days Inn.



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