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Beauty Etiquette: 10 Do’s & Don’t For Daytime Makeup

August 17, 2009

All of us ladies want to wake up in the morning with soft glistening lips, bright innocent eyes and fresh blushed cheeks.

We instead wake up with dry lips, puffy eyes and pillow face.

But, that’s what makeup is for.  To refresh our little faces with color and vibrance.

Here are Seriously’s 10 Do’s & Don’t of wearing a minimalist look for daytime makeup:

  1. Lay Off The Heavy Liner!: I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear any eyeliner, I am simply saying that one should save the heavy liner for those dramatic night eyes.
  2. No Scary Mascara:  Honestly, I like black mascara and black eyeliner.  Do I wear them in the daytime?  Yes, I do!  Do I glob it on?  No, I don’t.  No overly dramatic and heavy mascara on the eyes in the daytime, unless you’re a soap star.  Some say you shouldn’t wear black mascara in the daytime.  I do dabble with brown and clear, but my eyelashes are not the thickest in the world.   I like to make my eyes pop and for me, just one coat of the darker the mascara works wonders. 
  3. Pick A Pretty Eyeshadow Pallet: I don’t mind bending the rules, but dont break them…At least, when it comes to eyeshadow.  I suggest going for a color pallet that is going to compliment you the best under the bright light of the daytime sun.  Even if it’s cloudy outside, wearing eyeshadow colors within your own fleshy tones are good.  Pinks, Browns, and Corals are my favorite.  They will refresh your well rested skin and give your eyes a boost of color that will make you feel like taking on the day!  CHEAT: Find a your colors in sets (highlight/browbone, lid shade/midtone and deep/contour) so that you can put them on without overthinking your color choices.  If it’s pinks today, then go with pinks and get out of the bathroom, you’re running late!
  4. Wanna Play With Eye Color?: Instead of using neutral shades of eyeliner and instead of painting on thick and bold blue and green eyeshadow, try lining the eye (as shown in the video) with a blue or green liner that may compliment your day ensemble. Neutral lid then liner.
  5. Should You Blush?:  Some feel that the daytime face needs no blush.  I think you can go with some light blush dusted on your cheek apples or maybe just a sweep of bronzer across your cheek bone
  6. Do You Blush In Fire or Cherry?: Pick your blush in a color you would naturally blush like baby pink or deep rose, depending on your skin color.  Stay away from dramatic colors like fire orange, cherry red or deep mulberry for a daytime look.  Stay away from clown territory.
  7. A Light Lip: If you must line your lips, then do so, but use a liner that is more flesh tone than normal, fill in the lip with the liner color, then gloss.   If your want DAY BANG: Use a lipcolor in the pinks and browns zone.
  8. HEAVY LIP NO-NO: Don’t use a heavy pigmented lipcolor for daytime.  It can drown and dull the face and be a bit overbearing to the eye.                     tweetban-
  9. Foundationally Speaking:  It is always best to use a foundation that is not heavy and thick.  Most are light, but I never use one foundation for my who face.  I use about three different shades for my complete look.  My goal is to get a matte look for my skin and one that will last all day with minimal reapplication.  Maybe just a little powder to control shine.  I use a dark and opaque foundation for places where I need full coverage.  I use a light/med coverage on places where I want to color correct and I only use my finishing powder on the rest.  I do this for day and night and it works great.
  10. Naked Face…NO FOUNDATION?: Some of you lucky ladies can go out without foundation.  Wow!  I am so happy for you.  I would suggest using a great moisturizer with an SPF so you skin stays fresh and moist.  You may also seek a primer for the places on your face where you will apply makeup so that you makeup will not run, crease or flake off.
  11. (BONUS)Last Nails: If you must, take off that old ugly polish and go for a clean naked nail.  It’s so much better to do that than to wear unsightly chipped nail polish.

I could’t have said it better myself, so I let Tyra say it…

Roll the tape…

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