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Dirty Feet Etiquette: Wear Shoes When Traveling (Video)

August 23, 2009


I laughed at the nasty feet because I couldn’t believe it.  That’s so ghetto!

Some comments from people that have seen the video explain that they are going to do what they want to do anyhow and take off their shoes on their next flight.  One person says that it doesn’t matter if you wear your shoes or not.

Tell that to Bruce Willis’ character in Die Hard.  Shoes do matter, plane or no plane.

I am sure by now you can guess what I say about this subject.

1. Don’t fly with toe jams and blackfeet: Of course I am against anyone not wearing their shoe on the flight, but gees, fly with clean feet.  I do talk about being clean and fresh when traveling.  Keep your feet clean and toe nails clipped for health issues as well as for vanity sake.

Men, if you are not a metrosexual (google that for definition), then at least make sure your nails are clipped and your feet are not unsightly.

2. Flip Flops, if you must: I am completely against wearing open toe shoes on flights, but I can understand that your feet may be tired or cramped on an extremely long flight.  So, to give those toes some air and stretch space, carry flip flops  and at least wear those during the flight at some point, then put on your regular shoes.  Make sure that your shoes and feet do not offend with an ominous odor.


More etiquette tips for everyone coming soon…

You can stop being ghetto today!



Click here to view my book about Travel Etiquette on

Click here to view my book about Travel Etiquette on

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