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Perfect Body: 180-lb. Plus Sized Model Rocks Fashion World

August 26, 2009

Just because the masses chose to ignore what real women are shaped like deosn’t mean that real women don’t have fabulous shapes.

I have lost and gained many lbs in my life, but one never ceases to feel they need to get the perfect body.  I get caught up in that mindset, too, sometimes.

My perfect weight is about 150.  I like me there.  But, thanks to some fun summer nights, I have some “fun time” still hanging around my belly, arm and thighs.  Oh, well!

Here I am…Unretouched.  I wear a size 14.

Seriously Got Back, Thighs and Arm...And A heart Of Gold!

Seriously Got Back, Thighs and Arm...And A heart Of Gold!

Well, I don’t have the perfect body and I may never have the “perfect” body and that’s fine with me.

Now it took a real woman with a real shape to shake up the system…at least in the fashion world.  But you and I already knew about this, didn’t we?

Forget about crash diets, binge and purging, eating lettuce and water.  If you have a little natural flab, it’s OK.  If you wanna slim down and tone up…That’s OK, too.  Just make sure that what ever you do with your body is done for the right (and healthy) reasons.

Slender, leggy supermodels such as Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen are taking a backseat these days to an unlikely supermodel contender in the form of Lizzi Miller — all 180 glorious pounds of her.

Miller, at 20 already a seven-year veteran of the modeling world, rocked the magazine industry and the blogosphere when her photo appeared alongside an article on women’s body confidence in the September issue of Glamour magazine. The photo shows Miller in all her blond beauty, flashing a confident smile — but also flashing some stomach pooch that hangs over her thong bikini.

Within a day, Glamour was inundated with comments, overwhelmingly positive, about the magazine’s showcasing a beautiful model unafraid to let it all hang out. Web sites such as Facebook, MSN and were consumed with dialogue over Miller’s photo, and dedicated Web space to a renewed debate over women’s body image.



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