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5 Tips On Surviving Work When Your Boss Is A B*tch

August 31, 2009


Preface:  It is rude to call someone a “bitch”.  I use that term, with reservation, but I am mirroring what you are thinking and keeping it real.

Why do some people who are like demons from hell, get ahead to become your boss?  Sometimes, some of the most rude people you will ever encounter has a direct link to your job and paycheck in some way.

Why is this a real issue?  Because, you’re afraid!

It’s alright to be afraid of this situation because coping with a bitchy boss is not easy.

You have rent to pay.

You have food to buy.

You have loved ones to take care of.

You need your job.

You have this job and you may do the job well, but if your boss is a bitch, you have that much more pressure on you.

Job pressures, job performance pressures and the cherry on top is “Bitch boss” pressure.

So, how do you handle this?  Can you afford to leave the job?  Do you have another job lined up?

In case you do not, here are my 5 Tips to Survive At Work When Your Boss Is A Bitch.

Is your boss a bitch?

Is your boss a bitch?

  1. Ignore The Type A Bitch When They Start Bitchin’: Bitch, bitch bitch.  Is your boss an actual “bitch” or someone who likes to “bitch”?  These are two different ice cream flavors, my friend.  The one who likes to bitch is probably more easily ignored than the actual “bitch”. Bitch Type A) People that bitch are downers.  They are like rain on a parade or people who like to pop a kid’s balloon ‘cuz it’s gonna pop sometime anyway, right?  You can ignore them, but only to an extent.  Negativity spills over onto people like hot coffee seeps into paper.  Don’t let yourself get sucked in their web of despair.  It’s no fun there, but misery bitches still need company.  Do your job and work with them when you need to, but beware.  When the whiner comes, excuse yourself and take cover on higher ground…or simply find something else to do, just get away from them.
  2. Bitch “B”- The True Bitch. No Consorting: The other “Bitches” are people who are just mean.  They are mean for whatever reason and love to see you squirm. They talk tough.  They may command and demand way too much and never have a kind word leave their mouth.  I have had so many of these kinds of bitch bosses.  You’ve got two choices.  Stay at the job or find another.  If you stay, you must understand that you can learn to cope with them, but it may be tough.  Ignoring them can work, but to an extent.  Staying on your work task, completing your tasks and keeping your relationship with the bitch extremely professional is the way to go.  Draw the line.  No personal consorting with this ilk.  Give them no ammo and they have no ammo to fire at you on a personal level.  Keep things business related and you are the “boss”, actually.  See, the boss is the one in control…not the one with the title.  Sorry, the pay scale doesn’t match up.
  3. When You Connect With Your Boss (The Bitch), Make It On Your Terms: If your boss is the biggest bleep, don’t creep around and ignore them.  Why? Because it is in my experience that you can’t really ignore the boss because they are your boss, right?  You can, however, have contact with them on your terms.  Don’t let that “boss” get the best of you.  Attempt to have contact with them when you’re prepared to.  You probably know when you must see your boss or have meeting with them, on these occasions put on your armor.  Yes, the smile, the bright eyes and the confident body language.  Fake your way through it, if you must, but don’t let that bizznich get the best of you!  Nothing can break you.  You are a rock.  You are strong and stand firm. You already know what to expect.  Expect the worst from that bitch.  Expect them to be in their common form of the richest bitchiness and guard yourself against it.  What’s best?  These  are  your “terms”.   Don’t react.  Don’t react and be prepared.  Don’t flash off on them.  Bitches need your negative reactions to strengthen their negativity and bitchiness.  Be in control of yourself  and your emotions and you WILL control the situation.  Happiness follows.    [Later, you can run to the bathroom and scream your head off because I know you want to after dealing with that yucky person and their bitchy personality.  It’s ok.  Just make sure that the bathroom is in your own house, not the one at work.  We don’t need anyone to think you’re a loon.]
  4. Politely, Call Out The Bitch:  To keep yourself productive and decrease the level of stress you experience at work, it may be helpful to approach the boss one-on-one.  If it’s gotten out of hand with this bitch boss, then call a meeting. Don’t forget: There are times, rare or not, that the bitch doesn’t know that they are a bitch.  They are probably high-strung.  They project their own flaws onto you and try make you feel as small inside as they do.  Get it across to them that you are not the issue.  They may know it, but it’s time to let them know that you know it.  You can keep your dignity. Ask if they may have an issue with you that you are unaware of.  Ask if you offended, upset or demeaned them in some way.    Simply explain your position.   Don’t forget not to blame.  No pointing fingers and “You, you, you ” statements.  Explain during the exchange what your feelings are about blah, blah, blah.  You can say, “I feel________ about this_______” and back it up with, “Well, I have observed_______about______”.  Get some feedback to find out where their head actually is.  (Are they flexible? Are they having some personal problems?) Stay in control.  If you like your boss, despite their flaws, tell them.  Tell them all the nice things (find at least one) you find about them within the work environment.  Try to leave the conversation on an upswing, you can say,  “Hey, I am glad we got a chance to talk.”  Remember:  Sometimes bitches are going through their own mess and don’t have the skills to not bring their issues to work.  It’s not you.
  5. Take Care Of You: If you choose to work in this environment with a bitch boss, then you have to take care of your stress level.  You need a stress release.  Take a walk on your breaks, doodle with crayons,  vent to a friend on the phone (on your break and away from the workplace or you could be sharing TMI), use your breaks to reset your mind.  Drink soothing or calming tea.  Focus on you.  If your bitch boss is as bad as you say, then the most important person here is you.  Take care of you and your mind, body and soul.  You won’t absorb their negative energy.  You won’t get caught up into your boss’ one-(wo)man-drama.  Put up your force field, so to speak.  You can shield your emotions from the bitch.  Go to work, do your job, go home and take your mental energy and focus it on yourself, repeat.

Til next time.

Luv ya,



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