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Joe Wilson: The “I’m Sorry I Blasted You Out, Mr. President” Video

September 11, 2009

Look, The guy lost it on NATIONAL…No, WORLDWIDE T.V. and all he can say is that his emotions got the best of him?

Oh My Gawg!

See, that’s why I made the video below.

If Joe would have just followed TIP #1, he wouldn’t be in the back-tracking, appologizing politically way incorrect mess he’s in.

Funny how two words can change your life….

“I do” , for those former bachelors and “You Lie”, for the future former Rep. Joe Wilson R-(SC).

Look, respect the title and the office.  Like him or not, Obama is the President Of The United States.  It is completely inconceivable to me to do such a disrepectful thing as to yell out during his speech.

By the way, what did Obama say anyway?  LOL

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