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Tyra: No Weave Show & She Smiles Her Way Out Of Sticky ANTM Questions In Interview (Video)

September 11, 2009

Tyra was asked some tough questions about why two former ANTM judges were fired.

Tyra didn’t crack anything, except a smile.  I could see the heat coming from her eyes, but she kept her cool… and a cheeky smile.  Wink.

This interview is interesting because as an African-American who is not lighter than a paper bag ( read about the paper bag clubs here), we know that there is a stuggle in our community for acceptance for our own beauty.  As is.  No wigs, no photo retouches.  Nothing.

Tyra came out without a wig or weave and that is courageous in itself for someone who’s professional identity is part of the media and what the “media” as an entity defines what is and isn’t beautiful.

Personally, I have made it my journey to find the beauty in all women from the ebony black women with glorious blue hues to the women with skin the color of the glaciers in the Antartic.

Part 1:


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