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Grace & Etiquette: Why Beyonce Rocks For Giving Taylor Swift Another Chance To Bask In VMA Glory

September 14, 2009

Looks like Lady Beyonce swooped in and saved the day for Country-slash-Pop artist, Taylor Swift.  Beyonce who won Video of the Year, decided to share her speech time with little Ms. Swift due to an untimely ambush by Kanye West.

It was Kanye who earlier in the 2009 MTV VMA show, jumped the stage and took the mic from Taylor to let the world know what he thought of Beyonce’s video.  He seemed to imply that Beyonce’s video is better than Taylor’s and that Beyonce should have won instead of Taylor.    No problem, right?

Wrong!  Kanye stole the spotlight from Taylor Swift who was making her “Thank You” speech for winning a VMA for Best Female Video over Beyonce.  Taylor was in shock.  Many people were.

Yet, it was Beyonce, who took home the coveted award for Video of the Year, and allowed Taylor to thank her fans on Beyonce’s time.  And this time, without interruptions.

Grace is a wonderful virtue.  It shows class.  It shows that you have the ability to hold your own and to be able to give to others and expect nothing in return, even if you never get a chance to repeat the event for your own sake.  We don’t know what Beyonce was going to say in her acceptance speech, but, the grace she put on display for a fellow artist shows that she no longer needs to prove anything to her tweetban- or to herself.  She was able to step aside and share.  Thanks for putting a modern face on grace, Beyonce.

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