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Is Civility Extinct?: Celebrity Outbursts & Manners Don’t Mix

September 19, 2009

Well, I am not the first to say it or think it.  We all know that our civilty is on life support.  Are we going to pull the plug?

Etiquette Less: Kanye Suckin On Hennessy

Etiquette Less: Kanye Suckin' On Hennessy

Well, judging by the awesomely bad behavior of politicians and celebrities alike, I would say that everything I stand for on this blog is in intensive care.  Manners, etiquette and courtesy are in such high demand now, of course, this is after the fact that we realized we have lost them.

Everyone, including myself was furious with Kanye West and his verbal bitch-slap of Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs 2009. The photo of Kanye West was taken before the awards show while posing for photos on the red carpet.  Can we say, “Ignorant”!  Never get photographed with a drink in your hand, let alone swiggin’ out of a bottle.

People did a double take as the voluptuous, She-Hulk physique of Serena Williams stormed across the tennis court spewing cuss words like a sailor.

Serena Williams: Causing A Tennis Racket

Serena Williams: Causing A Tennis "Racket"

  I think Serena Williams is a beautiful young lady, but her attitude should match her beauty instead of the hard-body physique.  I am not saying to go “limp”, I am suggesting that one should voice their complaint, without the cursing tantrum. 

America was mortified as Rep. Joe Wilson called the President a liar in fron of Congress and on T.V….O.M.G…?

So, what should we do?  Are we really interested in what happened to our society?

Are we really interested in keeping manners, etiquette, courtesy and civility alive?

I must wonder.  Is it just an “old fashioned” way of life or do we truly care that Serena Williams, Kanye West and Rep. Joe Wilson have crossed the line or does it just make good gossip?

“Gasp, look at what they said.  I don’t believe it!”  We may say that, as we watch endless TV and Cable TV shows about rude people and their bad behavior while laughing at it.  IIt’s not as funny as you think.    Rude behavior is so prevailant.  It’s everywhere.  Are good manners just too “old school”?

You know these high profile people crossed the line, so what made them do it?

Lack of respect?   Did they just “knee-jerk” their reactions?  Are they just caught up in the moment?  You know “Shoot first, ask questions later?”  Is it the “I’m gonna do what I wanna do and I’m gonna get mine!” attitude?

I’d say, it’s a bit of all the above.

How do we save the life of civility?  How can we nurse it back to health?

Well, you already know where it starts.    It starts with you and me.  You can be the change you want to see.

And, we are teaching by example.  Your little ones are watching.  Let them know that all the behavior of their favorite celebrities on TV isn’t always correct behavior.  Tell them that some behavior is just plain wrong and it shouldn’t be copied.

Follow the “Golden Rule”, right?

…Well, I actually have a better rule.

It’s called the “Platinum Rule”.  It’s not jut about treating people as you want to be treated.

The “Platinum Rule” is “Respect others so that you can earn respect”.

It is the giving of respect to others and the respecting of ourselves that is the foundation for manners.

It’s time to raise the bar, again.  It’s time to reset the standard. 

Mannerly behavior begins with you and me.


you suck when you're rude

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