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Just Gross: Wife Divorces Husband Who Uses Bathroom On Dishes

September 19, 2009


I laughed at first, but then I just shook my head.  I could not believe this is an actual story.

Yet, it is.

And, I am actually grossed out.  Sorry to pass it on, but this is so trashy it bears repeating just because I want to to see that maybe if your husband or wife is kinda sloppy, this may put things in perspective.

…And you thought your marriage had issues.

A Nigerian woman has demanded a divorce from her husband who would defecate in the family cooking pots after drinking.

Oluwakele Ogundele told a court that her husband Oluwafemi was a drunkard who abandoned all toilet etiquette and relieved himself on her plates and pots.

Ms Ogundele said she no longer loved her husband and he failed to provide for the family as well as increasing the dishes workrate.


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