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Saving Maia Campbell: Family Members Say, “She Is In Treatment And In A Facility…”

September 19, 2009

After a video was released of former “In The House” costar Maia Campbell behaving irrationally with incoherent banter, the blogosphere unleashed a hailstorm of criticism and ridicule about the young actress acting out. However, Campbell has suffered for some time with bipolar disease, and her family, including her late mother, award-winning author Bebe Moore Campbell, have always loved and supported her. Campbell’s father, Ellis Gordon Jr., and grandmother, Doris C. Moore, have released an exclusive statement to addressing the recent events that have placed their daughter and granddaughter under much public scrutiny. “She is in treatment and in a facility,” Gordon says.  Read more here.

This is very hopeful news about the beautiful and talented, Maia Campbell.  I don’t believe anyone enjoys seeing a young life in such a deep disfunction.  This story struck such a deep nerve with the public who watched Maia go from teen actress to a down and out woman who was obviously in desperate need of help.

Some shunned Maia, belittling the importance of her life to nothingness in their own arrogance.  Others, myself included, shunned the minstrels who filmed Maia in a state of disorientation, then in subsequent videos, had the nerve to “defend” themselves and actions.  One would have to be a complete ne’er-do-well to ever consider, and follow through on doing such a heinous act to another human being.

We at the She So Ghetto blog wish Maia nothing but the exceptional and extrodinary best that life has to offer.  We hope that she is ready and willing to put the the past behind her, to heal her pain and to focus on her bright future.  Namaste.  Seriously M.

Big Thanks To My Friend: only1tcb


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