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VMA Outburst Aftermath: Jay-Z Defends Kanye West

September 20, 2009

It really is no surprise to me that he seemingly laid back, Jay-Z, came to the defense of Kanye West after Kanye’s little (possibly) “drunken” breakdown on the MTV VMA show last week.

For those of you wondering where in the world Jay-Z was during the Kanyegate furor, the answer is England.

Which would explain why he was about the only person in the world who hasn’t yet weighed in on Kanye West‘s Taylor Swift-belittling VMA hissy fit on our shores. That is, until a BBC Radio 1 DJ got hold of Hova today.

“It’s an awards show,” Jay-Z said, dismissing the hullabaloo around his “Run This Town” collaborator (and de facto “little brother”)’s spotlight hijacking.

“He’s just a superpassionate person.”

“I think it’s a bit blown out. It was pretty rude,” he said, adding, “At the end of the day, we’re gonna celebrate him for his passion more than vilify him. As he grows and matures, he has to balance that.

“It just wasn’t appropriate. It wasn’t fair to Taylor. It wasn’t fair to her at all.”

…”I don’t think he should lay low. I think he should move on and have a brilliant career.”


Yeah, I’m gonna “go there” just a bit.  I understand a thing or two about good vs. bad PR.  I know that they are all buddies of some variety and cover each other in the press.  Understood.  I understand that Jay-Z has an opinion about the fiasco.

To me, Jay-Z’s comment is a bit passive-agressive, agreeing that Kanye’s actions were rude (no arguement there), but at the same time claiming tht Kanye is just a passionate person.  Passionate?  Why not be passionate about not drinking an entire bottle of Henny behind the scenes around the awards show and causing a fiasco the way Kanye did.

That’s something to be passionate about.

I am passionate about many things, but I am more passionate about not looking like a total “jackass” (Just quoting the President) in public.

I don’t think being passionate is a good excuse or explanation.

What should we say about Li’l Mama running up on stage while Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were singing?  Passionate Li’l Mama?

Would Jay-Z have been so dismissive about Kanye’s behavior if is wasn’t in favor of his wife, Beyonce?  One must wonder…I’m just sayin’



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  1. Perez Christina permalink
    September 21, 2009 3:24 am

    Anyways, What Kanye did was wrong



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