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Who’s In Charge?: 3 Tips On Being A Great Boss, Not A Bully!

September 22, 2009

Hello out there, all you busy bosses.

Being the boss means you are the one in the leadership role.

You are:

  • Decision making.
  • Delegating tasks.
  • Setting the pace for work in the work place.

You’re running the show.  Your staff will either make you  appear great to your clients and have your business running like a well-oiled machine or you’re only as strong as your weakest link…and if you’re the weak link due to lack of due diligence for your position and job title…then, blame no one.  Simply look in the mirror.

First things first.

What kind of boss are you?  Are you calm and cool or are you disorganized and anxious?

Are you a courteous boss?  Are you  a boss that practices using good work place manners and business etiquette?

This is a BOSS NO-NO! Respect The Staff!

Respect The Staff

I expect more civility from the boss.  Respect and civility, in all of it’s forms, should start from the top.  A boss should respect each employee as an individual.  Not look at her (his) employees as work horses.

EMPLOYEES WILL NEVER FORGET A BOSS THAT RESPECTS THEM and the bosses that respect their employees usually turn the employees into “Excellent Job Performance/Loyal Employees” or EJPLE’s.

All bosses need EJPLE’s.

Why a boss needs EJPLE’s:

  • They desire to work.
  • They desire to be on time.
  • They desire to complete their tasks.
  • They desire to be exemplary staff.

EJPLE’s feel a sense of duty and belonging to their jobs.  Why?

Because the leader shows the EJPLE respect as unique parts of the team, each having their own set of skills to meeting the goals a of the workforce.

Don’t be a “Boss Buddy” or a “Boss With Benefits”

Being a “friend” to your employee is nearly impossible.  One cannot be a “friend” and be a boss at the same time.  The boundaries are blurred and simply don’t mix.

Being a  “Boss Buddy” or a “Boss With Benefits” simply means you are no longer the boss.  You seek to connect with your employee on a level that is not suitable for the workplace or personal life.  It’s simply a no-no and can lead to work place gossip, fear of favoritism from other staff, jealousy among peers and so much more.  If you want to be friends with your employees,  fire them, then be their friend.  Don’t do it while they work for you.

Well, don’t fire them, but you have to make a choice between the being the  “Boss Buddy” and being the boss.  Your employees don’t need to hear about your (really) personal life, partying and outside activities… especially sexual activities.  That’s your business and you should not bring or share it at work.

Personal Assistant/ Secretary Protocol

When it comes to having a personal assistant, you must remember that they are human and to treat them with humanity.

They are not “servants” or “servers”.

They are there to “assist” you, not to bow down to you.

Keep in mind what “bitch” behavior is and do the opposite.  Remember respect?

Here are some tips on how to treat your personal assistant with civility:

  • Last Name First: I am an old school stickler for this one.  I suggest calling your assistant by their last name first,  Mr. Jones or Ms. Smith.  Your assistant will let you know if you can call them by their first name only, but until then, show them the same respect they will be showing you.  If you choose to be called by your first name,  don’t assume your assistant will.  If your assistant does not, don’t take it personally.  Respect their preference.
  • Introducing Your Personal Assistant: When introducing them to a 3rd party, use their surname, unless they don’t mind being called by their first name.  Give them the opportunity to say to the 3rd party “You may call me Chris, Mr 3rd Party”.  BTW, you are not obligated to introduce your assistant to anyone.  Your choice, boss.
  • Never Dis: Never disrespect your assistant by snapping your fingers for them, calling them rude names, cursing at them or referring to them as anyone but your assistant.

Remember, your assistant is your right hand.  Why cut off your right hand?

If you’re the boss, I hope you desire to be a gracious boss.  Why?

Because, you just never know.  One day your assistant may be your boss.  How do you like them apples?




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