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Civility & Dating: Do Men Only Want Women Who Cook?

September 24, 2009


A woman’s place is in the kitchen?

True or false?

If you feel your feathers ruffle up then you may not agree, but the chatter on the internet shows that men like dating (ultimately, marrying) women who cook.

”She can’t even boil water.”  ”… 90% of woman I know can’t do a thing in the kitchen.”  ”If she can’t cook she’s not a woman and I’m not dating her.”—Anonymous (and lonely).

Oh no!  It’s 1950?

My thoughts on this are that I feel for everyone.  I can understand the female “WTF!” reaction and I can understand why a respectable man (not a man-whore) might want things this way.

I understand it was the culture of the 50’s in the video.  The traditional roles of men and women have changed, but underneath it all, the mentality has not.  We live in a post-Nuclear generation and try to paste Nuclear family values on everything.  The key won’t fit into that lock.

Mr. Cleaver, you’re a selfish dinosaur…Worse than, sometimes ill-mannered, but lovable, Fred Flintstone.

I bet you wouldn’t say that “kitchen” comment with your wife around!

And, why not?  Well, you wouldn’t want to upset her…

So, why make a comment that would upset her if you knew it would upset her?

Rude much?

PSST, Hey Guys…

I am talking to the respectable men out there, not the slutmen.  If you really want a woman that can cook, here’s a tip.  Learn to cook for yourself.  Why do I say that?  Because we women can sniff out a leach of a guy a mile away.  It’s so uncool to be a bloodsucker, unless you’re in Twilight.

Women might put up with leachy guys like that, but they’ll never really love or trust or care for guys like that.  Some women get a mommy complex and wanna save or rescue pathetic men. Some women just bring home strays, to put it bluntly.

What we real women (not hoochie mamas & gold diggers) LOVE is a guy who can take care of himself, with or without her around.  A guy with a strong foundation.  Financially (make money legally, even if it’s making money from blogging.  You’re doing something, right?), spiritually (respect life) and mentally/physically (take care of yourself).  He’s not borrowing this or needing that from women who have built a foundation for themselves.  Needy/greedy guys suck, but don’t get me wrong, needy/greedy women suck, too.

We love guys who can balance the independence with the interdependence (Defined here).

If you are that kind of guy, and you find the perfect “same” type of girl,  you’ve pretty much “pwned” the dating scene.

Cooking Won’t Matter…

Then cooking won’t matter.  She will cook and you (guys) will surprise her with your cooking.  She will buy you flowers and you will buy her flowers.  She will scratch your back and he will undo your bra… Wha????

No, actually he’s gonna try it…

LOL…Just kidding…

Til the next…



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