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Girls Gone Funny: Who Is April Body?

September 24, 2009

What are little girls made of?  Ribbons and bows…Nail polish on your toes….

That’s what little girls are made of….but, wait…

Who are we talking about?  Not some shy or bashful little filly.

We are talking about a young lady who knew where she was headed at the age of 12, when she wrote, produced and starred in her first comedy sketch.

Hey everybody!  It's April Body!

Hey everybody! It's April Body!

We are talking about one and only, “You better laugh when I tell these jokes!” …April Body!


Who is April Body?

She’s not the local stripper and she’s not the porn star.

Don’t get it twisted,  folks.

This lady is here to leave you in stitches with her Southern-fried humor.

April may have been born a Yankee, in Columbus, OH, but she was raised deep in the heart of Atlanta, GA.

While growing up,  April shaped her own off-beat and far-out style of humor, paving her own path of comedy.  In high school, then in college, April continued to be a creative talent, performing in student productions.

Through  all of her trials and triumphs, April has carved her comic niche and was named:

  • *Finalist 790 the Zone & Metro PCS / Talent Showcase, Atlanta, GA
  • *Finalist Punchline Comedy Competition

Eat her dust, folks.  She is well on her way to being the next “It” comedienne. Currently, April can be seen in her role as “Serena Williams” in the current viral video, Klassless:  Serena Williams Vs. Kanye West (Watch it here)

I got a chance to chat with Ms. Body about her comedy roots and the upcoming “Mixed Nuts”  comedienne tour.

Seriously: I wanted to know a bit about the road that lead you where you are today.  I mean, people, places, opportunity. How did you land in comedy?

April Body:  Its kinda natural. Making people laugh during a conversation even when your not trying. My personality is comedic so I figured, “Man, up get over my fears and get on stage!”

Seriously: Were there any hints of this in your youth? Were you a ham growing up?

April Body: Yeah,  I started writing when I was 12,  but didn’ t perform [professionally] until I was 26…

Seriously:  Can you describe your first stand up experience. What did you feel and think?

April Body:I did a set at Punchline (Comedy Club).  I was nervous as hell!

It was open mic.   I felt stupid… didn’t know when the audience was going to laugh so I talked over the laughter…

Seriously: April, tell me where you’ve performed? Clubs? Been on tour?

April Body: I’ve worked in several clubs…  in CA, NY, Vegas…I currently working with a girl comedy group.  Were putting together tour dates now…We have some gigs in FL, NJ and AL in the works…

[See below]

Seriously: April, who inspires you?
April Body: Other comics whohave been doing this longer than myself.. [and] on the verge of making it.

You can still see that “hunger” and “drive”…
I admire that!

Seriously: April, what’s the scoop on the “Body”…Last name?

April Body: Well,  it’s boddie…
Everyone pronounces it “body” or “booty”…so,  I figure I’d spell [it “Body”] so there’s no confusion.

APril Body (Body) is one of the talented comediennes on the Mixed Nuts female comedy tour.

April Body (Boddy) is one of the talented comedienne on the "Mixed Nuts" female comedy tour.

Big thanks to April Body for chatting with me.
Well, there may have been some confusion with her last name being pronounced “booty” before, but now, you’ll NEVER forget, April Body!
And, we’ll never forget you, April!

Below is info about “Mixed Nuts” tour.  Check out April Body and the rest of the comedienne crew!

Get your tix today!

For all of my GA readers, get the giggles while the gettin’ is good!  Join April Body (Boddy) on the female comedy tour ” Mixed Nuts”.

Oct 23 2009 7:30P
The Aurora Theater Lawrenceville GA
Oct 23 2009 9:00P
The Aurora Theater Lawrenceville GA

For more tour dates and times, click here!


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