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Meet Jacki, Jon & April From The Viral Video: Klassless-Taylor Swift VS Kanye West VS Serena Williams

September 24, 2009
Wonder-ful Woman: Jacki Schklar

Wonder-ful Woman: Jacki Schklar

Funny lady, Jacki Schklar, has the nose, eyes, ears and brains to find talent.  What does Producer, photographer and editor, Jacki Schklar, look for in her talent?  “Attitude!”, Jacki explains, “I have worked with people (cast and crew)  who were great, but I did not like their attitude. I would not use them again.”

I would say she hit the nail right on the head.  Did you check out the viral video, Klassless-Taylor Swift VS Kanye West VS Serena Williams?  What else can I say?  It’s hil-ari-ous and chocked full of comedic talent, to boot.

The comedy video is a humorous take on the recent outburst incidents of Kanye West and Serena Williams.  Both celebs lost their cool in public within days of each other, sparking worldwide attention…And, giving every comedian their dream, great material!

Jon Williams in "Klassless"

Jon Williams in "Klassless"

Hey everybody!  It's April Body!

Hey everybody! It's April Body!

Local Atlanta, GA talent, Jacki Schklar hooked up with writer, Funnebone, to hammer out this wild piece about what would happen if Kanye West went off the deep end and kept interrupting any event he would run into.  But, it would be Serena Williams herself that will put him and his “racket” out of commission.

I got a chance to chat with Jon Williams, who plays ‘Kanye’ and April Body, who plays ‘Serena’, as well as the uber-busy Jacki Schklar.

Seriously to Jon: How did you land in the world of comedy?

Jon: Well, when i was in grade school, I would do funny little presentations in class and stuff. Then I went to watch a show at the Landmark Diner in 2006, met comedian Jim Lehner and he helped me get onstage…I’ve worked mainly here in Atlanta. From…rooms like Punchline and Laughing Skull to…rooms like Star Bar.   I try to run the gauntlet around here!

Seriously: Now that’s exciting. There was a good chemistry between you and April in the video…How is April on the set? Is she a Diva?
No one will know you said anything…

(April Body chimes in)

April: I will have the racket!

Seriously: Ouch!

Jon: Oh, the WORST! Constantly taking breaks and yelling at the crew.  I saw Jacki cry at one point. Nah, I am kidding she was great and really funny. You could sort of just ad-lib stuff and she’d take it to this other more interesting place. I’m not sure if anyone else would have fit in it really.

Seriously: I get the sense that Jacki knows that her actors know what to do….

(Jacki Schklar chimes in)

Jacki: My approach is to let the talent be talent and make little changes if necessary…

April : Thanks, Jon.
He did a great job learning the script so quickly.

Seriously: How long was the video shoot?

Jacki: We shot the WHOLE THING in 4 hours!
…including making every backdrop!…Right after the shoot,  I edited.
[The] shoot was over at 3:30 got home at 4 and edited until 11pm and uploaded!

Seriously: I saw Jon just laying there (during the credits)… while the shoe was being placed.

Jon: Yeah, that was odd…
They snuck some weird make-up on my face…I was like c’mon guys.

Seriously: It’s the outtakes…I love behind the scene stuff.

Jacki: He did not want the makeup!

April: It was from your pocket [Jon]!
[Imitating Jon] Yeah, come on.   I need more make up!

Jon: You lie!

Seriously: LMAO!

April: Ok, I kid…

Jacki: April, you are bad. I’m impressed…

You can clearly see that these folks are fun and funny.  Chatting with them left me laughing for hours afterward.

I’m so glad to have met Jacki, Jon and April and we all want them to be headliners real soon…

So, catch Jacki Schklar at for more crack-you-up funny business and follow her on Twitter!

Watch Jon Williams and April Body in the super funny video above!

For more April Body, read about her here!

In closing, if you have the Pesident calling you a “jackass”, you just might be one.

As Jon said about Kanye: He just doesn’t know how to act in public. If you’re going to interrupt [an] award show, then dont do it at teeny bopper show.  Do it at snooty ones like the Grammys. That’s what ODB did!

Now that would make a statement, and if it happens, I am sure Jacki will be making a the sequel to Klassless.  Maybe you could call it… Grammyless….

Til next time…

Producer/Photography/Editor -Jacki Schklar
Writer- Funnebone
Director -J*
Assistant Producer -Shellie Schmals
Kanye -Jon Williams
Serena – April Body
Taylor – Charity Caroline Pirkle
Mourner – J*
Charitable Woman – Diane Small
Scout -Shellie Schmals
VINTAGEsparkles by VONschmalhausen


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