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People Behaving Badly: Hugh Jackman Stops His Show When Cell Phone Rings

September 29, 2009

I tried to tell you.

But, n0ooooooo!

“Manners are old school”, you say..

Are they that old school?

Well, in the case of “Hugh & Daniel Stop Acting Due To Rude Cell Phone Ring”…

Actors Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig literally want to act on Broadway.  They don’t want to just collect a check because they are handsome, which they are….

Who would have thought that someone, who paid money to see these actors perform, on Broadway, would actually want the ENTIRE theatre to know that they have a working cell phone?

That’s right!  For the ump-teenth time in history, someone didn’t turn off their cell phone in a theatre during a performance.

How rude is that?

It’s beyond words rude…and for the person to let their cell phone KEEP ringing is worse!

It shows Jackman breaking character to tell the owner of the ringing cell phone, “You want to get that?” as the audience erupts in cheers. As the ringing persists, Jackman pleads: “Come on, just turn it off.” He then paces the stage of the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, waits about a minute for the ringing to stop and the play resumes.

The interruption occurred during an intense moment in the play, when Jackman’s character, a Chicago policeman, reveals haunting memories.

A customary loudspeaker announcement reminds theatergoers to turn off their phones. Since the incident, ushers who seat patrons and pass out playbills at Schoenfeld are also instructing patrons to silence their phones. Via

It’s not as if patrons don’t know.  We can’t use that one, guys.

This is a problem that has become a major etiquette issue in every type of theatre venue around.

What’s going to stop it?  Prohibiting cell phones into performances?  Expelling cell phone users from theatres?

No matter what, as I have said before, you can enjoy a performance without your cell phone for about two hours or will the world end if your cell phone is turned off?

I’d say let’s really go old school and get a pager, instead.


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