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Modern Toys: Now, Barbie Has Black Doll Friends

September 30, 2009

Mattel has announced that it will launch a new set of dolls with darker skin and broader lips and noses.

The dolls are a group of three young ladies.

Deemed the “So In Style” line, or S.I.S, the line features Kara, Trichelle and Grace who are three best friends in tune with fashion, fun and music.

Each doll features its own unique personality and style and reflects one of three various skin tones. The line also features a mentoring theme and each doll comes with her little sister. The big and little doll is set to inspire mentoring in the young girls who play with them. Via

This is cute, even though the bright pink lipstick is killing me on the doll (upper left). Looks like Mattel has finally caught up with the Bratz dolls and I guess they know that Christmas is coming soon.  Better get this product out fast.

Not to mention that Disney has their first cartoon featuring a black female character coming out around the holidays, too.  So, I am not so sure it’s done just because black parents have wanted these types of dolls for their daughters since I was small.  I did have a cool black barbie with an afro, and that was fine with me.

Mattel may be doing it to spice up the ‘ethnically challenged’ Barbie-style line of dolls because they want to snatch some money that is going to other companies who create brown skinned dolls.

Kara Doll with little sister, Kianna

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