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Kate Gosselin to Jon Gosselin: Let’s NOT Halt The Divorce

October 1, 2009

Jon Gosselin has tried to redeem himself in the eleveth hour of his 15 minutes of fame.

He tried to “stop the divorce” proceedings between him and his wife, Kate Gosselin.

Kate is saying, “No way”, to the plot, saying that she doesn’t want to drag this out any longer.

Let’s get this divorce a-rollin…Let’s not stay together, right Kate.

If I were Jon, I’d be quaking in my boots.

He lost his reality show job, he lost his dignity, he lost…seemingly himself.

Jon Gosselin is reduced to tabloid purgurtory and a certified F-lister for all of his public shenanegans.

He made this too easy.

Kate won.

Next time reality TV dad Jon Gosselin announces a press-friendly divorce delay, he might want to run it by his wife, Kate Gosselin. It seems the name-worthy half of the soon-to-be-“Kate Plus 8” show has no interest in postponing their parting.

“Kate sees no reason to wait and drag this out,” an insider revealed to Radar Online. “She doesn’t think Jon is being sincere in his comments. She thinks it’s all a publicity stunt.”

On Tuesday, Jon Gosselin announced he intended to “put the brakes” on the pair’s planned divorce, believing a delay would allow them to “regain control over the future of (their) family.”

Jon’s grand gesture is merely a ploy, according to the source, who noted that the father of eight broadcast his plans to the press without a word of warning to Kate.“If he meant any of it, he could have easily told her in person or on the phone,” the insider added. “Jon is trying to repair his public image.”


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