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Modesty Is Missing: Rihanna’s Sheer Dress Leaves No Mystery

October 1, 2009

Fans and foes alike have seen pop star Rihanna bare-it before.  I mean. she has been seen in some show stoppers.

And, as much as I believe that adults can wear whatever, especially to a night outing, I simply cannot put my  finger on why one would wear this clubwear-looking  wrap.

The breeze alone would be anoying.

I would assume each stripe had better be in place or you’ll be showing your business in the street.

It’s trashy.

We see nipples.

We see…France

I guess she is really into this S&M thing, because we keep seeing her in black dominatrix-style fashions.

The copper hair-lights and burgundy lipstick are edgy, but the 80’s Ray-Ban sunnies are kind of awkward.

Like I say, “Sometimes, too much is too much…”

Rihanna is ever one to make a fashion statement  – and she certainly turned heads in this sheer dress.

The singer barely kept her modesty in the artfully designed number – stripes of darker chiffon material just about covered her as the star went bra-less at Paris Fashion Week.

She was at the British designer Gareth Pugh’s Ready To Wear 2010 fashion show, held in a dimly lit hall of the Palais de Tokyo museum in western Paris, and wearing a version of one of his designs.

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