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Rihanna & Justin Timberlake: Are They The New “It” Couple?

October 2, 2009

It’s been confirmed that Justin and Jessica are couple-no-more.

I wonder if it had anything to do with the gossip surrounding a hot n’ sexy encounter between Rihanna and Justin Timberlake.

After a hot grinding session on Sept. 13 at 1Oak’s MTV Video Music Awards

bash in NYC, RiRi and JT moved to her hotel room, where they had a steamy, private after party! “They tried to keep it a secret, but Jessica found out within days,” a source says.

So, Jessica found out that her man was dry humpin’ and in the arms of a new sexy young thing.  Jessica had been replaced by hot Rihanna.

This is some juicy gossip.  Or is it just gossip?

Not according to tabloid mag, Star Magazine:

“Rihanna and Justin have been talking and texting on the phone nonstop since the VMAs,” a source tells Star. But before Rihanna totally gives in to the attraction, she wants to make sure she’s not his lady on the side. A friend reveals: “She asked him on the phone, ‘Are you still with Jessica?’ And he hinted that things were cooling off between them.”

“One time, Justin was joking about strippers. He said she needed to entertain him like that.” So Rihanna gave him an impromptu lap dance! “She likes to test the boundaries.”

Justin has made it clear he is 100 percent into Rihanna, and she equally feels the magnetic attraction, says a source. “She is a total tease and loves flirting with him. She digs him and wants to date him too!”

It seems Justin’s track record with the ladies has been rocky, to say the least.

Is Justin Timberlake just a man whore?  In the past 10 yrs he’s been a sidekick to some serious celebrities like Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel and now Rihanna.

Let’s juet hope it works out and that Justin doesn’t hit and run!


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