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She’ll Forget By Morning: Who’s The Drunk Celeb Behaving Badly?

October 2, 2009

A kiss here.  A grab there.  Are these things that 51-yr-old lady should be doing while drunk in public?

Don’t worry.  She already did and by the looks of things, she had a great time doing it, even though there were some that looked shocked that she was partying so hard.

One of the stars of the UK  chat show Loose Women gave a new meaning to the name of the show.
Denise Welsh makes a public spectacle of herself the like of which had even Katie Price looking like an angel.

There aren’t many who can claim to have outpartied the hedonistic Katie Price, but Loose Women star Denise Welch gained that dubious distinction last night.

Worse-for-wear Denise, 51, cavorted with a half-naked hunk, then shared a three-way kiss with two younger female friends.

Her behaviour contrasted with that of a subdued Jordan, who looked down at the ground as her cage-fighter beau Alex Reid led her past photographers…
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Here she is hanging onto a chiseled hunk. Maybe he holding her up.

Denice Welch, pictured in the middle of her party girl sandwich.

Denice Welch, pictured in the middle of her party girl sandwich.

Some didnt desire her affection

Some didn't desire her "affection"

It’s not all fun and games.  Ill behaviour of this sort leads to hidden issues.  Who knows why she was so tipsy, but it’s unbecoming, not matter what type of reputation you have.  If you can’t control yourself on the sauce, stay home.

Denise is known for her often-outrageous behaviour – 18 months ago she lifted her top and flashed comedian Russell Brand when he was a guest on her lunchtime chatshow.

Luckily for Denise she wasn’t working today, having completed this weeks rota of Loose Women shows.

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