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Housewives of Atlanta: Ex-fiance Of Kandi Burruss Dies

October 4, 2009


It looks like this weekend may have been a rough one for ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast member, Kandi Burruss.

His name was Ashley Jewell, but known on the show as A.J.

Her ex- fiance was in a heated strip club scuffle, where he worked,  that left him with terminal head injuries.

Kandi reached out to her fans in her time of pain via Twitter, saying :

Kandi & A.J.

Kandi & A.J. (photo via Bravo)

“I could never in a million years imagine this happening,” she posted on her Twitter page. “Please pray for A.J.’s children … that’s who i’m the most concerned for. I’m about to give my swollen eyes some rest now. I just wanted to say thanks two everyone for their prayers.”

Police [say] that Fredrick Richardson, an employee of the club, has been arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Bravo has just released the following statement: “Our thoughts are with Kandi and A.J.’s family during this tragic time.” Meanwhile, a rep for Buruss states that she and Jewell “were engaged to be married. Kandi is devastated as she is also mourning the death of her uncle, Ralph Leslie, and is attending his funeral today. She has no [further] statement to make at this time and asks for privacy.”

Kandi, we are sorry for your loss and for his family.

A.J. and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.


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