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David Letterman: Bad Guy Or Just Wandering Eye?

October 5, 2009

When Did I Meet David Letterman?

I have been watching David Letterman since my little Ralph Macchio-look-alike, high school crush, Vinnie (Yes, Vinnie, the very Italian!) introduced me to the idea of “What is a David Letterman” back in the 80’s.

I should stay up to watch him he suggested.

And so, one Friday night I stayed up to watch this gapped-tooth, afro-wearing white guy and his martini dry humor.  This is the night I met him on NBC while munching on a bag of taco chips.    He was wearing some greyish bland beige suit with flared legs. With one hand in his pocket, he stiffly moved only from the waist up, turning his entire torso to look at his music band.  He was odd.  I was not his demographic, but I guess I was now cool because I now have a common interest with my Vinnie.

I was less than impressed as a goofy teen with his off-the-cuff humor, but over the years, at different times in my life, I would embrace a Late Night with David Letterman.

Letterman Could Get A Lot Of [Pirate] Booty!

And, who would have thought that all these years later, when the popular trend of being a cheating or philandering spouse makes a great Twitter topic,  we would see so many of our celebrity and political roaches come out of the woodwork.

Pleading, apologizing, admitting…begging for public mercy because the lust was so stong.

I am not talking lust to bed the new meat in the office, I am talking about the lusts within themselves to cross the line.  To set themselves up for a sexual encounter that would go from strictly private to water cooler chatter or tabloid fodder.

David Letterman & the girl who would kiss and tell, Stephanie Burkitt

David Letterman & the girl who would kiss and tell, Stephanie Birkitt

David Letterman kept a secret bedroom at his talk show’s studio that only a select few female staffers were allowed to visit, it has been claimed.

The television host sensationally admitted last week that he had a number of affairs with employees after allegedly being blackmailed for $2million.

Now staff at the Late Show claim their boss has long kept a bedroom they dubbed ‘the bunker’ in the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York where his show is taped.

…Tasks Letterman assigned his younger female workers ranged from doing his Christmas shopping to having his car ready at the theatre exit.

Staffers were not surprised that the boss-employee relationship sometimes crossed the line.

Not that anyone could see this in the heat of the moment.

For whatever reason, we have a bunch of adult children cho never grew up past the age of 18.  They like to sneak and grab dad’s nudie mags from under dad’s bed.  Oooh, boobs!

They like to dress in dad’s suits and tie dad’s tie around their neck.

They play around with dad’s briefcase and take the keys to dad’s car.

These are the mentalities of some men today.  They want to be someone else, live their lives, bed their wives.  They want to play dress up and pretend, but they are empty men. And, the more booty they can get because of their status, just makes them more empty.

So, is David Letterman a bad guy or just someone who was an odd-looking man from Indiana who parlayed his talent into money so he didn’t have to work a 9-to-5?

I have my thoughts, what are yours?

I think Letterman has just “Jumped The Shark”!


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