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War Of The Gosselins: Kate Says, ‘If I have to work at McDonald’s…’

October 6, 2009

Kate Gosselin is now delcaring that she will work at Micky D’s, if she has to…

She brings a new mean to the phrase…Desperate Housewives

I am finding fault with these people playing media games.  I am sure this will be a new model on how NOT to divorce!

They totally suck!

The both of them...what the hell!

The both of them...what the hell!

“I do know that no matter what, I know within myself that if I have to work at McDonald’s, I will do what it takes to provide for my kids, period,” Kate said.

Jon also took the opportunity to defend himself in the media mess when he appeared on “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider” Monday night.

The bitter Gosselin divorce has now become a case of he said, she said.

In Kate‘s corner, the “Jon and Kate Plus 8” star says she will do whatever she can to support her children.

Shortly after her Monday morning appearance on the “Today” show, where she revealed that her estranged ex, Jon, nearly cleaned out their joint bank account and halted production on their TLC reality show, Kate called into “The View” to divulge more detail.

“We’re on temporary holding right now. A lot of this stuff is out of my control,” Kate, 34, said. “I can tell you that my kids are upset that it’s on hold, that the opportunities that they did have. For example, they’re supposed to be in New York. We were supposed to come up this weekend and see the Statue of Liberty and they don’t understand why we can’t do that now. So for myself and the kids, I’m hoping it goes on for the opportunities as well as, obviously, the financial. I mean, essentially, it’s my job, and I’m hoping to continue working.”


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